Medium is the Next “Big Thing” on the Internet that Readers, Writers and Assholes Love

Yes, you read that right, assholes! Why? Read on…

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Ok. I know you’re embarrassed of that stupid word I used because I know you are smart and that’s why you’re in here now reading this not-so-stupid story.

Medium connects you with voices and perspective that matters — that’s what Medium is all about. When we say “perspective” that includes all “assholes!”

Again, sorry for the word. To me, it refers to all the crazy successful giants on the internet ever existed today — including all the mega-writers and serial entrepreneurs who are at the peak of success in their digital careers.

Why Medium is the next “big-thing”?

Started over 5 years ago, the 60 million monthly readers, today, is as huge as f*ck, literally.

No doubt most, if not all, of the digital business giants seek refuge and maximize the potentials and advantages of Medium to further their success on verge.

Larry Kim, the founder of WordStream, listed top 10 business giants who are using medium to date. Oh well, not just entrepreneurs, Hillary Clinton, a known US Politician, also writes on Medium.

Medium is a vibrant network of thinkers who care about the world and making it better — through their craft, their stories, and their ideas. More than a network of thinkers, though, Medium is a network of thought. Connecting people together increases their knowledge and capabilities. Connecting ideas together increases their value, as well. — Ev Williams

So, why not being part of this crazy crowd?

If you think you are one of them, or soon-to-become, Medium is the right place for you. Maybe, it’s also the reason why I am writing this story now. Being here is a good choice, for you and for me. Lol.

I ‘m not urging all the people in the world to come and invade on Medium, but I am just overwhelmed at how this “thing” works.

Writers’ first home of choice

I started writing on blogs since 2010 using the free platforms — blogger and wordpress. I was fascinated by the fact that you can publish your thoughts on the internet using your own publishing world where you can tweak its appearance, color, and even the URL address.

It’s always great to see your name below the title of a published article even though you know you don’t even know exactly what you are talking about. Lol. That’s terrible. Yeah!

Using the free platforms — wordpress, blogger, tumblr, etc. — did not make me feel at home. The “blogspot” thing on my address annoys me.

Medium is different. It feels like you’re writing for a big magazine and 60 million readers can have their eyes roll on your stories. The built-in audience is what makes it enticing. The community that dwells in it are real genius!

It’s really a beautiful home for creative minds where ideas float in every corner with all the claps and confetti.

Readers’ new found haven

In 2016, Medium published over 7.5 million stories, according to a report published by Business Insider. That’s over two billion words in numbers. No wonder why bookworms started installing the Medium mobile app.

Medium is not for everybody, but it’s open to everybody. It encourages participation and a diversity of opinion. Anyone can earn influence on Medium via the value of their ideas, thoughtfulness of their responses, or quality of their rhetoric. — Ev Williams

Leaders. Artists. Thinkers. And ordinary citizens who have a story to tell. Posts range from scrutinies of world affairs to deeply personal essays. Medium sifts the best of these for you and delivers them directly onto your home page. A statement on Medium’s “about” page. Hence, readers have all the freewill to find their specific reads.

If Facebook is for social connections, YouTube is for videos, Medium is for word lovers.

Will Medium replace the modern state blogging?

I need your opinion on this. State it in the comments below. You can also add why Medium is the next big-thing on the internet for bloggers and readers.

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